More about Edgars Eikestad Mall

Edgars was started by two entrepreneurial minded brothers, Morris and Eli Ross, in 1929 Johannesburg. Edgars was the first store in South Africa to offer the “six-months-to-pay” option to its customers, and has since a store of “firsts” for the many South Africans who choose to shop at this sophisticated fashion and accessories store. This nationally renowned brand was one of the first ever stores in our country to offer a stand alone cosmetics and perfume store, which is still part of the brand today under the name of Red Square. Edgars Eikestad Mall branch upholds the exquisite quality that has become synonymous of the Edgars brands, and customers will find all the products offered in store are of the same caliber of all Edgars outlets.  Edgars Eikestad Mall stocks a variety of local and international clothing brands, as well as a value-for-money-range and sportswear and other commodities which customers may need.

Edgars does not only sell clothing, but also offers cellular contracts at affordable rates, and also stocks a luxurious range of bedroom linens, kitchenware, decor and top-quality appliances and bar accessories. The brand prides itself on giving outstanding customer service, with staff that is friendly, professional and expertly trained in the art of customer care and service delivery. Edgars Eikestad Mall is no exception, and customers of this store can expect retail therapy like no other!

Our products

We stock and sell a range of products, including:

  • Ladies wear: Treat yourself to a new outfit with our red-hot fashion brands!
  • International cosmetic brands: We stock only the best cosmetics, including brands such as Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and L’Occitane.
  • Home wear: Our stores stocks a stunning home wear range, from well-known branded products to our in-house range.
  • Menswear: Dress your best with our stylish menswear range – there is something to suit every style!

For more information on Edgars and our affiliated brands, please feel to visit our website or come into our store.

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