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Keep your children smiling with these family-friendly kid's services!

Parents are always interested in new and exciting ways to educate and entertain their children, and luckily parents will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of the Stellenbosch kid's services on offer! There is a number of children's toy stores in the area, which sell toys for children of all ages, such as soft toys for babies, educational toys for toddlers and older children - even something for those hard-to-please teenagers. Many of the toy stores in Stellenbosch also sell toys and books that are educational, so that children can learn even as they play. If you are looking for kid's party supplies or services, then you will be spoiled for choice with the fabulous Stellenbosch kid's services and supply stores. Party supply stores specialise in selling party related products, such as paper plates, cups, balloons, party hats and candles and many of these stores also offer party planning services to parents who want their children to have an extra special birthday or special occasion. There are service providers offering the rental of their specialised equipment, such as fudge-making machines or bubble blowing machines, which parents can use to ensure their children's party is a one-of-a-kind event! The Stellenbosch kid's services are not only for parties or fun events, but include the services of professional, reliable babysitters and au pairs to take care of little ones while you are at work or running errands. These individuals are passionate about children, and provide services that are backed by excellent recommendations and years of training in the child-care industry. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring one of the expert child-care professionals that can be found in Stellenbosch. To stimulate both your child's mind and body, make use of one of the many Stellenbosch businesses offering extracurricular activities for children of all ages. These fun, exciting activities range from dance classes to child-friendly hiking trails and drama classes, with a variety of other creative activities offered in between! If you have younger children, you will be able to find a huge range of professional day care and pre-school establishments in the area, which offer nurturing educational atmospheres and services to children. For more information on what kid's services best suit your needs, please feel free to read through the advertisements below.