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Stellenbosch restaurants: find what you are looking for

Apart from being famous for its beautiful mountains, rich history, the university, and of course, the wine lands, Stellenbosch is also known for the exquisite foods on offer at local restaurants. At Stellenbosch restaurants, visitors will be able to find almost everything they are looking for - and more! From the more traditional meals, like fish and chips, everyday meals like a burger and chips, to more exotic dishes like Lebanese manoushe, there sure is something for everyone in this small town. The thing about Stellenbosch restaurants, is that you truly are spoiled for choice. There are a lot of restaurants located right in the heart of town, where you can enjoy a meal on the side walk and also take in the nightlife and atmosphere. Or, if you feel like driving a bit out of town, you can dine at some of the best known restaurants in the area which are situated at the various wine estates in the region. Here you will be able to treat yourself and your loved one properly, with 5-star dishes made by acclaimed chefs. Of course, for those that have children, there are many family restaurants situated in Stellenbosch. Most of these restaurants are equipped with kiddie's play facilities, so parents and guardians can enjoy their food while children are entertained and looked after by capable staff. These restaurants have grown in popularity and a variety of these well-loved restaurants can be found in the area, which makes dining out as a family an enjoyable affair! Here, you can expect hearty meals that appeal to everyone's taste. To discover some of the many options at your disposal in Stellenbosch, browse through the advertisements listed below.