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From Absolute Ablutions, clients can expect innovation and top quality designs. We strive to find a solution for our clients’ outdoor needs, by offering a range of mobile ablution facilities that function even in the most remote areas. We have been operating in the mobile ablution industry for more than one and a half decade, and have become known all over South Africa, as well as on an international scale. Our offices are based in Cape Town, but we are happy to deliver our products to anywhere in South Africa. Our products are especially popular for large festivals, construction workers and food vendors.

What differentiates us from our competitors, is that we always stay up to date with the latest developments and technologies, which allows us to manufacture the best and most luxurious products in the industry. If you have a need for a specific mobile ablution, feel free to talk to our team – we might be able to find a solution together.

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    Our products

    At Absolute Ablutions, all our designs and products are produced with the greatest care. We want to make sure that our mobile ablutions are up to standard and offer satisfactory results to our clients.

    Our range of mobile facilities include:

    • Toilets (in various sizes)
    • Showers (in various sizes)
    • Vendor units
    • Kitchens
    • General transport
    • Container units
    • Special equipment units
    • Military units
    • Tankers
    • Agricultural units
    • Caravans

    From us, clients should always expect durability and quality. For more detail on each one of our designs, feel free to give us a call.

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