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Aircool SA welcomes you to reach out to us to see what our air coolers can do for you. Whether you are a home or business owner, we have an air cooler suited to you. We are your number one contractor in quality and portable evaporative coolers. We offer affordable and eco-friendly cooling solutions. Excellent customer service and sales are guaranteed when you deal with us. Our team specialises in providing the best possible cooler for every client’s individual needs.

Our heavy-duty air evaporative coolers are suited to industrial environments where optimum cooling or humidity requirements are needed to operate. Our air coolers are durable and robust enough to work in hot climate conditions, while being quiet and practically unobtrusive. Our portable units are competitively priced which makes them inexpensive to invest in.  An evap cooler is easy to install, maintain and operate due to its simple design. Our water coolers have the added benefit of providing fresher air through their ability to increase humidity while filtering the air. The cooling pads act as filters by effectively removing contaminants, allergens and dirt from the air in the environment. Our cooling units are locally manufactured which means long waiting periods, international
delivery or custom hiccups are avoided.

The Aircool SA Product Range

  • SA6P Portable Air Cooler – domestic and small office use
  • HNY12 (CKD) Air Cooler – domestic, office, retail, and commercial use.
  • HNY18-2 (CKD) Air Cooler – office, retail, and commercial use.
  • HNY23 (CKD) Air Cooler – retail and commercial use.
  • CC22S Rooftop Unit – domestic, office, retail and commercial use.

We have rental options available too for those who need a cooling solution on a short-term basis.

 If you are interested in a practical cooling solution system which saves you time, money and hassle, reach out to the Aircool SA team! 


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