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Battery Mob stocks a range of high-quality batteries suited to solar and vehicle use. The top brands we stock include Dixon, Sabat, Willard and Oldham, to name a few. Customer service is our priority and batteries are our passion. If you are looking for a new battery or shopping around for prices, get in touch with us. We stock great brands at reasonable prices for your convenience. We also offer comprehensive battery services such as battery testing, charging, servicing, installation and advice. We have taken the time to carefully select the batteries we stock and endorse in order to provide the best products and the best service in the industry. This is the Battery Mob difference.

Services offered by Battery Mob

  1. Quotes on batteries suited to solar and vehicle use.
  2. Battery retailer and installers.
  3. Battery and charging system testing.
  4. Advice on batteries.
  5. Battery charging.
  6. Repairing of batteries.
  7. Emergency call out service with on-site installation.

Our product selection:

Battery Chargers | Range of car batteries | Range of motorcycle batteries | Range of truck batteries | Range of leisure batteries | Range of marine batteries | Range of solar batteries

Is your battery losing charge? How will you know?

  • Do your headlights flicker or dim when you are idling your vehicle?
  • Does your vehicle struggle to start or won’t start at all?
  • Does the instrument panel indicate your battery light as a warning light of late?
  • Does your vehicle struggle to start in colder conditions?
  • Does your vehicle take a long time to start?
  • Does your starter motor struggle to kick over?
  • Is your battery leaking, swelling or smell bad?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, your battery is probably in need of replacement. Bring it in for a comprehensive test. We will test both the battery and the charging system to diagnose the problem.

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