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Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist, situated in Durbanville, specialises in a wide range of hearing services. With a caring team and a qualified audiologist at hand, we provide patients with a correct diagnosis and a suitable solution to ensure that they can lead a normal, hearing, life. We conduct professional hearing tests in our on-site testing booth, and also specialise in the fit and repair of a large variety of hearing aids. Dr Beeton pays personal attention to each of her clients, ensuring that they get the care they need.

Apart from her keen interest in her patients, Dr Beeton is also highly qualified and very experienced in the field of audiology. She studied at various universities across the world and obtained both her Master’s and Doctorate with honours.

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    What we do

    At Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist, we offer a range of hearing services, such as:

    • Hearing tests: we conduct hearing tests for all ages, from babies. Our tests are done on-site, in our custom built booth.
    • Fit & supply of hearing aids: once diagnosed, we can assist you in finding the perfect hearing aid. We will also fit it for optimum results.
    • Hearing aid repairs: we specialise in hearing aid repairs which we aim to complete in the minimum amount of time.
    • Hearing protection: we supply a range of hearing protection devices to prevent serious damage to the ears.


    To find out more about how we can help you, or to make an appointment to speak to Dr Beeton, feel free to visit our website, or contact us directly via phone or email.

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