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Being able to control the temperature in your home or office is a much needed luxury during the South African summer. FB Airconditioning offers you all the services you need in order to successfully install an air conditioning system at your home or office, and to keep it fully functioning. Our expert services include installations, repairs and maintenance, which we deliver to  clients in all of the Cape Town surrounds.

Our company was established in 2005 and we have become known for our prompt and efficient services. Whether you are looking to install a brand new aircon system, or you want your existing aircon to be repaired – we are your team of choice!

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    Our services & products

    With our team at hand, clients can expect top standard services. At FB Airconditioning, we are qualified and professional and this is our approach when offering our range of services to our clients. We strive to detect and fix any issues with your aircon or heating system, as soon as possible. Our range of services are as follows:

    • Installing: we are experienced in installing all of the best known aircons, including Daikin, Samsung, and Midea. Our expertise lies in split and DMV installations, which we offer to residential and commercial clients.
    • Repairs: with our repairs, we want to get your aircon up and running as fast as possible. Our team will come to you to establish the issue, after which we will issue a quote. Once accepted, we will proceed with the repairs.
    • Maintenance: an aircon needs to be cleaned and maintained to keep functioning. We offer both minor and major maintenance repairs. Minor services are done on-site, while major services might require that we take your aircon to our workshop in order¬†to be fixed.

    Some of our added services, include the installation of fume extracting systems and bio-hazard safety cabinets.

    For more on our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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