Wooden Architraves from M&A Timbers

Architraves are ornamental mouldings that go around doorways and windows. They can confer a touch of elegance or sophistication to your room. Wooden architraves offer different stylistic choices thanks to the range of available wood types. As a result, it is essential to remember to keep the style of your space and its existing decoration in mind when choosing architraves.

Architrave Design

Architraves play a vital role in your interior design and should not be overlooked! The age and style of your building are important factors to consider when selecting architraves, as this will help you choose a more appropriate option that can really elevate your space. Additionally, the width of your chosen architrave should align with the size of your room and skirting boards.

The colour you choose to paint your door and window frames will also impact the design of your space. With staining, varnishing, and painting at your disposal, picking the right hue is important if you want to make the most out of your area.

Our timber range

To make sure our clients can easily and successfully complete their woodworking projects, M&A Timbers provides high-quality exotic timber. In addition, we offer a wide selection of pre-manufactured timber products that can be customised to your specific measurements. Plus, you get to choose the type of material so it will perfectly match your design aesthetic!

Our inventory includes the following:

  • Saligna Gum
  • American Oak
  • American Ash
  • French Oak
  • Kiaat
  • Blackwood
  • Meranti
  • SA Pine

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Wood Finishing Services

Machined timber

We are your one-stop shop when you require high-quality machining. Our services cater to various wood types, sizes, grades, and colours. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect timber for your needs and customise it to get exactly what you need.

Wood planing

Planning rougher pieces of wood involves making them more usable and beautiful by shaving them down into thinner pieces. This process also makes the wood smoother so that it can be used in various projects more easily.

Do you need high-quality wood architraves? If so, feel free to reach out to the team at M&A Timbers.

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