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The experienced team of audiologists at NB Hearing look forward to working with you. Our team aim to look for the best possible solutions for hearing loss or hearing problems. If you suffer from hearing loss, wear a hearing aid or suffer from Tinnitus, our team can help. Our range of services include hearing tests, hearing assessments, hearing aids, hearing aid fittings and repairs and help for Tinnitus sufferers. Get in touch with one of our branches today if you require help with your hearing loss, aid or Tinnitus symptoms. We have accurate tests that helps us properly diagnose your hearing problem or disorder and thereafter strive to find the best possible solution for you. We are passionate, qualified and highly experienced audiologists that work from our branches across the Western Cape. Find us on the Atlantic Seaboard, Northern and Southern Suburbs, conveniently situated to help you when you require it. With a meaningful understanding of your problem we provide the best options for medical, functional management or rehabilitation to help you address your hearing loss or problem.

NB Hearing Range of Services

  • In-depth hearing tests with a lifestyle assessment and feedback session
  • Hearing aid stockists
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Tinnitus relief techniques and therapy

Tinnitus sufferers do not have to feel like there is no help for their condition, relief does exist. Our audiologists are highly experienced in Tinnitus and remain educated in the latest research and treatment protocols to better assist patients in managing their symptoms. We educate, treat and support our patients whether they suffer with hearing loss, tinnitus, misophonia, hyperacusis, and balance disorders. Have your hearing tested at least annually as part of your medical check up and keep on the front foot with regards to your hearing health. Get in touch with one our branches today.

NB Hearing

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