Introducing PRS & Associates

As the leaders in professional debt recovery services, PRS & Associates is a well-established collections company in Goodwood, Cape Town. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, we impart a “no collection, no commission” policy, earning the trust of both old and new clients.

Operating a company in a third world economy can be challenging, especially when many South African companies are experiencing overdue debt due to an absence of effective collection strategies. Our goal is to lighten our clients’ load by collecting outstanding debtor accounts on their behalf. These services are ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, such as doctors’ practices, vets, garages, schools, and crèches.


What we offer:

We are registered with The Council for Debt Collectors and The Association of Debt Recovery Agents, and we specialise in overdue debt.

The collection process includes handovers and gathering information from our clients, tracking and tracing debtors, contacting debtors to obtain payment commitments, and legal action, if required.

Outstanding funds can consume a business’ daily dealings and harm client relations. With our help, our clients can avoid having to act both as a service provider and debt collector.

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