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Stellenbosch High School can be found right in the middle of the beautiful Stellenbosch, surrounded by mountains. The school lies on the corner of Jannasch and Martinson Street, across from Stellenbosch Primary.

The school offers quality Afrikaans education to boys and girls. We welcome children from diverse communities and cultures, but the overall community is Christian-based. Our main aim is to help learners develop to their full potential, and to fully prepare them to become successful South African citizens.

Our services

Stellenbosch High School provides quality education for grade 8-12 learners. We believe that sport and culture also plays an important part in fully developing any child, which is why we offer a range of sporting activities, including rugby, hockey, netball, tennis, chess, and culture activities, like drama, choir, dancing, and more.

We have a range of subjects that our learners get to choose from, depending on where their passions lie and what they want to do in the future. From grade 8-9, we require that all learners complete and pass compulsory subjects, such as English, Afrikaans, Science, Biology, Maths, Technology, etc. This creates a good foundation in order for them to successfully complete their school career.

From grade 10, they are allowed to choose their own subjects, some of which include:  Tourism, Visual Arts, Design, Drama, Music, History, and many more. We aim to offer something for every individual.

We also have a hostel available for those who wish to join our school from afar. The hostel is called Huis Du Preez, and here learners create a home for themselves during their years with us. We even have learners all the way from Namibia joining us.

For more about our facilities, or how to register your children, feel free to get in touch with us.

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