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Welcome to Zendasat, your registered and approved asbestos removal contractor in South Africa. Our services also extend to sub-Saharan Africa where we offer our asbestos removal services to both the commercial and private sector. For safe and reliable asbestos removal and roof repair, contact the experts, contact Zendasat.


Zendasat: Responsible Waste Management

The management and removal of waste is a specialised activity which should be safe and effective. The removal of hazardous waste removal has to be safe and carried out by certified professionals who are trained in this activity. Due to the health dangers that exposure to asbestos causes, it has been classified as a hazardous waste material. The exposure to asbestos or asbestos-containing materials can lead to detrimental health problems which can have fatal outcomes. This is why asbestos has been deemed as a hazardous material and the mining or manufacture thereof is now prohibited.

Asbestos removal process

  1. Quotation
  2. Asbestos testing on-site
  3. Site working area is set up including a worker decontamination chamber
  4. Regulatory warning signs are placed in plain view
  5. Area is cordoned off
  6. All electrical systems are disconnected with new systems established for abatement work
  7. The material or roof is sprayed with an asbestos encapsulation before any removal work is undertaken
  8. All openings are appropriately sealed off
  9. A HEPA vacuum is used on-site which keeps asbestos particles from being airborne
  10. Roof removal commences
  11. The roof sheets which are removed are encapsulated once again and wrapped in builders plastic which is taped up
  12. Stacks of wrapped sheets are placed in a skip on-site for removal
  13. Authorised transporter removes the skip from the site
  14. All waste and PPE used in the project are disposed of as per regulations
  15. Site inspection
  16. Final clearance survey done by the AAIA
  17. Relevant documentation is provided to the building owner
  18. The AAIA cost is billed to the building owner and does not form part of Zendasat’s quote as the AAIA are an independent contractorContact us today!

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